Travel photography

Island Rügen, Germany 2017

The island Rügen is located in Mecklenburg Vorpommern at the east coast of Germany. The "Deutsche Alleenstraße", a 3.000 km long German alley route, ends on Rügen with impressive photo stops. Also on Rügen more and more highways are built. But left and right from the fast lanes, they still do exist: pituresque alleys with cobblestones and old trees. Several seaside resorts are located at the eastern rim of the island with their Rügen-typical "Bäder" architecture. One of them, Sellin, offers a marvelous pier, nowadays also with the typical touristic diver's bell to visit underwater fauna. Close by is Prora, a 3km ruin from the times of Third Empire. Since a couple of years the ruins are used again for hotels and residential homes. Rügen is characterized by wide and diverse landscapes, cliff lines with chalk rocks, native beaches, and ancient sea resorts with interesting architecture, best to visit with the steam train "Rasenden Roland" (Flying Roland). All this is matched with a splendid local cuisine. To summarize: a diverting island with many interesting photo locations combined with the option to perfectly unwind.